Hi, I'm Belle!

I am currently a student at Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design & am loving it like crazy! I always knew that Cosmetology school was my career, but I tried a million things before finally taking the leap of faith. In 2016, I lost my best friend & sister Jessi. It was devastating, but she always told me I needed to do this. I am now doing this to show everyone what I want to become & she motivated me to stretch for it. 

I will be graduating January 2018 & be on my way in the world! Out of school I hope to work at a full service salon until I know my in's and out's of the business. Then I will work up to being a color specialist and color educator. On a more personal note, read some more captions about me & my life!



I am a natural brunette, but that has never stopped me from changing my hair! I've been every "normal" color there is, and have started on the crayola colors! Blue has been my favorite, so it might be a permanent addition to my style one day.


My sweet Sammy & I have been together since we were 13 years old! February 2016 he proposed and we were married that September. He is currently working within mortgage and doing amazing things there. He is working on his degree majoring in Computer Science, with his main interest within programming. Sam is my biggest supporter and is patiently helping me pursue being a Cosmetologist.  


My heart is completely within India. I have been blessed to go on 2 expeditions ( 2015 & 2016) to Northern India where I was able to not only teach the children there, but help with humanitarian projects, and clean birthing classes. If you are interested in going on expedition or making a donation to help these cuties rise above poverty, go to ymad.org! 


Music has always been a love of mine! Although I didn't continue with my lessons & progression after school, It will always be a part of me. 


Another big part of my life has been working with those with special needs. Through high school I did peer tutoring & had job hanging out with the most awesome gal. Currently I am working in a elementary cluster classroom with 2-4 graders. I can not explain the joy they have brought me with heir jokes, compliments, & silliness. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but the rewards overweight that.